Inflatable pilecable laying buoyancy systems

Also called Kraken is designed to provide temporary buoyancy for the launch and installation of shallow water pipes and for supporting lengthy sections during surface or bottom tows. From a beach launch, the equipment can take up the pipe weight in very shallow water and, with a suitable air supply, provide buoyancy at any depth. It is particularly suited to ultra-shallow applications such as the floating of pipeline through swamps, where its low profile will ensure minimum draft throughout the operation.
The patented KrakenTM buoyancy system consists of our heaviest weight PVC coated polyester fabric tube with high frequency (HF) welded seams and mechanically fitted penetrators with location loops spaced at 1.33m pitch along the crown of the unit. Various sizes are available, depending upon the amount of buoyancy required per metre to support the pipeline – generally working off a 2:1 reserve ratio against the actual weight in water of the pipeline. By fixing this buoyancy tube to a pipe with webbing strop or banding at 1.3m intervals, a continuous buoyancy is applied which roduces very low stresses in the pipe.