React’s products of umbilicals to the oil and gas industry, covers all manner of needs and applications, from Subsea Isolation Valves to Topside Jumpers. All umbilicals include a choice of cover options, strength members and ropes, hoses, sheath colours and a full range of terminations.

All of our umbilical ranges are a combination of hoses and cable components. So always give us a call to discuss your individual needs and we’ll try to package what you require into an engineered cost effective solution.

React AS have also delivered 2. Hydraulical Umbilicals to Statoil at Snorre field.

– Abandonment system umbilicals
– Annulus umbilicals
– Blow Out Preventer (BOP) umbilicals
– Calm Buoy to PLEM umbilicals
– Chemical injection umbilicals
– Cutting umbilicals
– Direct and piloted Hydraulic control umbilicals
– E/H control umbilicals
– Electrical flying lead umbilicals
– Gas supply and Gas Lift umbilicals
– Hydraulic flying lead umbilicals
– In-field well head interconnect jumper umbilicals
– Integrated services umbilcals
– ICS Intervention control umbilicals
– IWOCS control system umbilicals
– Jacket Submergence umbilicals
– Landing string Umbilicals
– Lubricator valve umbilicals
– Production control umbilicals (short length)
– Service line umbilicals
– SSIV and SSIB control umbilicals
– Subsea Control Module umbilicals
– Test tree control umbilicals
– THRT control umbilicals
– Topside electric control umbilcals
– Topside hydraulic control umbilicals
– Topside E/H control umbilicals
– Welding umbilicals
– Wire line umbilicals
– WOCS control system umbilicals
– XT control umbilicals